How can I connect laptop (VGA) to HD TV

Solution 1:
Use normal VGA cable, if the HD TV has a VGA port.
I am using this method to connect my laptop to the 52'' HDMI TV, the resolution can be set to 1360X768

Solution 2:
If HT TV has only HDMI port, then you need a sort of VGA to HDMI converter box.

But please bear in mind that, the VGA to HDMI cable will not work for this purpose. Here are some reasons:
You can buy a cable with HDMI at one end and VGA at the other. This is not for connecting your computer to your TV to use it as a monitor. It is for connecting your HDMI compatible DVD player/digibox/HDD recorder etc to your TV screen with a VGA input. This is quite common on flat screen TVs nowadays.
It does also carry the sound information from the DVD player (with HDMI output) to the screen (with VGA input).

Although you could physically connect this cable from a computer VGA output to a screen with an HDMI input, it will definitely not work.
This is usually stated in the specs of the VGA-HDMI cables they are selling on ebay.

Quality of HDMI cables
Most of the cheaper cables are certified for HDMI 1.2, which uses signals up to 75MHz, which is suitable for 1080i.

If you want 1080p, then you need to look for HDMI 1.3 certified cables (also known as High-Speed or “category 2” cables), in order to carry the 340MHz required for 1080p and increased colour depths/resolutions. You also need these for large cinema display monitors. 
Since HDMI is pure digital, there is no big difference between a $100 cable and a $10 one. So you are safe to go cheapest one if you are after a 3m cable, as long as it works.
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