shadow protect blue screen issues

Problem 1:

Why I got a blue screen (BSOD) with errir "0x0000007B"



After performing an HIR restore, user receives a BSOD with the error code 0x0000007B while trying to boot for the first time.


This error is caused by a mismatched Storage/RAID Controller Driver. In order to resolve this issue, the proper driver will need to be downloaded from the Hardware/Computer Manufacturer.

Often times these drivers are downloaded as an EXE file and must be extracted before they can be used.

Once the drivers have been obtained, you will then need to boot into the Recovery Environment again and run the HIR Configuration from the Tools Menu.

Select the Drive you are performing the HIR on (This only needs to be done to system volumes)

Select Advanced, then locate your device drivers.

Select Start, then Choose Yes for Troubleshooting Purposes.

Another blue screen issue after restore with different reason:


Problem 2:


I got "An error(0x00000001) occurred Incorrect function when using HIR confirguation.Also after you clear that error message the status bar displays "target is not a support windows volume"

Migrating from one virtual pc to a newer Dell dimension 5100 desktop


Target is not a supported windows volume means that you do not have ShadowProtect installed on the OS you are trying to migrate.

You must have the product installed if you plan to use HIR.

So to do a proper HIR, install SP Server Ed on the source server, then reboot into the SP CD environment and do a cold backup, then restore via the SP CD environment on the destination server choosing the HIR checkbox.

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