Migrating vCenter Server to a different host machine

Migrating vCenter Server to a different host machine

Summarized steps:
1.Shutdown the vCenter Server service.
2.Take a backup of the SQL database.
3.If the SQL database is also being moved, create a second instance of your database and use the vendor's tools to migrate the data.
4.Create the appropriate System DSN connections on the new vCenter Server host.
5.Begin the installation of the vCenter Server software on the new server. If you are installing vCenter Server in a virtual machine, see the Technical Resource Center for guidelines for deploying vCenter in a virtual machine, including sizing, installation, functionality, and configuration of VMware High Availability (HA).
6.When prompted, select Use existing database, and provide the correct credentials to that database.
7.When prompted, select to not re-initialize the data, as this erases all your inventory data.
8.Reboot the machine once the installation is finished.
9.When you first start the vCenter Server Client, it may ask for licenses. Configure the licenses as you had previously in your environment. For more information about licensing for ESX hosts, see the Installation Guide for your version of ESX. For more information about licensing for ESXi hosts, see the Setup Guide for your version of ESXi. You are now able to see the same settings and configuration details.
10.If the IP address of the new vCenter Server has changed, your ESX hosts must be made aware of that change, otherwise the ESX hosts will continue to send their heartbeats to the original IP address of vCenter Server and appear as Not Responding or Disconnected.
11.Confirm that your SQL Agent rollup jobs are present. Detaching/attaching, importing, or restoring a database to a newer SQL server does not recreate these jobs. If these jobs are not present, there are problems viewing performance data and the database begins increasing in size.
12.If vCenter Server is moved to another server with a fresh installation, the SSL certificates change and the ESX hosts show as disconnected within vSphere Client connected to vCenter Server. Right-click on the disconnected hosts and choose Connect, then provide the root login credentials and follow the prompts.

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