SMS 2003: Basic Client Side Software Distribution Troubleshooting

SMS 2003: Basic Client Side Software Distribution Troubleshooting



Is the client getting the advertisement policy?

Check the ccmexec.log for the advertisementID.

If the advertisementID is not in the ccmexec.log, check the ccmexec.log for errors communicating with the Management Point.

If the ccmexec.log shows errors communicating with the MP, follow basic connectivity tests such as pinging the MP by IP address, pinging the MP by hostname

and telnetting to port 80 on the MP. If these all succeed, also verify that the Default Web Site in IIS on the MP is bound to port 80.

If the ccmexec.log indicates the client can communicate with the MP, check the Management Point to see if the policy exists there using MPGetPolicy.exe.

If the policy is not on the MP, ensure communications from the site server to the Management Point.

SMS/SCCM Clients installation Troubleshooting Check list

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