ADSI Scriptomatic

ADSI Scriptomatic

What is the ADSI Scriptomatic?
The ADSI Scriptomatic -- as we keep trying to tell you -- is designed to help you write ADSI scripts; that is, scripts that can be used to manage Active Directory. As if that isn’t enough (and we learned the hard way that things are never enough), the ADSI Scriptomatic also teaches you an important point about ADSI scripting: like WMI, there are consistent patterns to ADSI scripts. For example, the ADSI Scriptomatic will help you write a script to delete a user account. It will also help you write scripts for deleting groups and organizational units. And if you take a close look at the scripts for deleting different objects, you’ll see something very interesting: theyre practical identical! What is this, some kind of a rip-off?

Well, it might be. But the reason the scripts look so similar is because ADSI uses a consistent approach for deleting objects, regardless of the type of object being deleted. What does that mean? Well, if you take the time to study the scripts created by the ADSI Scriptomatic (and if you read the ADSI chapter from the Windows 2000 Scripting Guide), you’ll understand how you can delete pretty much anything from Active Directory. For example, we wanted to keep the ADSI Scriptomatic relatively simple; as a result, weve limited the objects you can work with. The ADSI Scriptomatic will write a script that deletes a user account, but it won’t write a script that deletes a published printer. But, hey, so what? After you understand the pattern, you can write your own script for deleting published printers. (OK, OK, well consider creating the DeletePublishedPrintersOmatic. But don’t hold your breath.)

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