Installing Windows XP on 6710b / SATA Native Mode Issues

It's known that, when install XP on HP 6710b, you must turn off SATA native mode from BIOS first otherwise HDD cannot be detected.

The below is a discussion on how to install WinXP while SATA native mode turned on.

Suggestion from Matthew Neale:
There's an easy fix for getting around the f6 prompt and supplying a floppy disk...

download Nlite http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/nLite-Download-12443.html

Install Nlite on a pc, run the program, it will prompt for a win xp source disk, then will prompt you to pick a location u want to save it to, the next screen is where we work our magic, have your sata drivers on hand and select integrate -> drivers and the make bootabe cd option... click next, it will prompt you to select the drivers you want to inject into the windows installation cd...

follow the prompts and burn your cd...

you now have a windows xp installation cd with sata support for your 6710b

Verified by Cheryl G.:
Hi Matthew
Yes,Nlite is the best! I found Nlite since this post and recommend it all the time now with the driver and guide below.
Intel SATA driver.
Download and run it,make a floppy OR cancel floppy creation.The files will be extracted to C:\Swsetup\sp37005 to use with Nlite.

Enabling SATA Native Mode after XP Install

You can use Nlite to integrate the drivers into a new XP install cd.Nlite will even burn the new XP cd.
Very easy ,just follow the guide below closely.

Nlite dl:

mikenchi reported an issue with this method
Hi all:
One word of warning. I used nLite and it does cause problems in some cases. If you remove an OS component, then need it later, you cannot add it, and sometimes need to do an OS repair with an original XP cd. Also, it is not compatible with Sysprep. (The author of nLite even acknowledges this) After you sysprep a machine, and apply the image to a new machine, after the first reboot it will pause asking you where are a number of files.

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