Some Nokia E65 resources

Nokia E65 manual:

How to check Nokia E65 firmware:
type: *#0000#
It will show the firmware information:

How to reset E65 to factory setting

type *#7370#
You will be prompted: Reset all original phone settings?
press "Yes"
then it will ask for lock code, type: 12345
this will reset to factory settings.

How to fix cannot open gallery Problem?
my nokia e65 phone got very slow it takes couple of min to open the gallery files and other files too, in top of the phone there is one icon is always present like arrow, wen we send mssg it appears,n it indicate us, same like that, i formated my cell using *#7370#but is still slow

check if your memory card that u have inserted is of how many GB, if more than 1GB reduce it to 1GB, sometiimes phones cannot take up so much high memory.

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