tools to simulate slow network bandwidth

try Traffic Shaper XP you can easily limit speed of IE or other browser with this App and its also freeware
Traffic Shaper XPhttp://bandwidthcontroller.com/trafficShaperXp.html
If you do not mind configuring a Linux box I have found NIST Net (http://snad.ncsl.nist.gov/itg/nistnet/) to be a great free solution to my network emulation requirements.
My work uses this tool, and it seems quite good: http://www.dallaway.com/sloppy/
Best of luck.
TMnetSim Network Simulator version 2.4 32-bit (600KB)PC Platform software to simulate a bad WAN on a PC. Newer version than in ToolCrib, also does Packet Capture.http://www.tmurgent.com/download/TMnetsim32_02040000.zip
http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/Net:NetemOn Linux, see netem: the kernel already contains support for traffic shaping, and can simulate high latency, low bandwidth, packet losses, and all sort of other adverse conditions, even on a loopback device (so you don't need a real, physical network to test across).

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