Content location request for apps package failed. (Code 0x80040102)

Got error during SCCM deployment:
Content location request for apps package failed. (Code 0x80040102)

Information from Microsoft about this code:
Error code 0x80040102: No content location returned for the given package
Check the server side to make sure the package is distributed to at least one distribution point. Also check whether advertisement allows the task sequence to fall back to remote distribution point when there is no local distribution point

Troubleshooting Operating System Deployment Using Custom Error Codes

Custom Error Codes for Configuration Manager 2007

This fixed my problem:
Configuration manager->site database->computer management->software distribution -> advertisements -> right click on the advertisement you want to edit and choose properties -> "distribution points" Tab -> tick "when no local distribution points is available, use a remote distribution point" and "when no protected distribution point is available, use an unprotected distribution point.
Save and restart the build again.

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