How to open Control Panel Items from Command Line in Vista

How To Make Shortcuts to Control Panel Pages in Vista

How to open Control Panel Items from Command Line in Vista

New Vista Syntax for Opening Control Panel Items from the Command-line

Accessibility Options, access.cpl

Add/Remove Programs, appwiz.cpl

Add Hardware Wizard, hdwwiz.cpl

Automatic Updates, wuaucpl.cpl

Bluetooth Properties, bthprops.cpl

Display Properties, desk.cpl

Firewall Properties, firewall.cpl

Game Controllers, joy.cpl

Internet Options, inetcpl.cpl

iSCSI Initiator, iscsicpl.cpl

Java Control Panel, jpicpl32.cpl (java install folder\javacpl.exe)

Licensing Mode, liccpa.cpl

Mouse Properties, main.cpl

Network Connections, ncpa.cpl

Network Setup Wizard, netsetup.cpl

ODBC Properties, odbccp32.cpl

Power Options, powercfg.cpl

Regional and Language Options, intl.cpl

Sound and Audio Devices, mmsys.cpl

Stored Passwords, keymgr.cpl

System Properties, sysdm.cpl

Telephone and Modem Properties, telephon.cpl

Time and Date Settings, timedate.cpl

User Accounts, nusrmgr.cpl

Windows Security Center, wscui.cpl

Wireless Link, irprops.cpl

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