Out of Band Management简介


Out of Band Management简介 —— SCCM 2007 Out of Band Management专题系列之一
Out of Band Management正在逐步成为IT管理的主流技术,本专题系列计划就SCCM 2007中Out of Band Management feature做一些介绍和探讨,来帮助读者了解并使用SCCM 2007中的Out of Band Management技术,系列将包括简介,使用,调错等专题文章。

Out of Band Management简介
Out of Band Management是指带外管理技术,是一种不依赖于操作系统就可对目标机器进行管理的技术,目前Intel的AMT(Active Management Technology)和DASH标准(Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware)都提供了Out of Band Management的支持。 在SCCM 2007 SP1,我们将AMT技术整合到SCCM产品之中,此模块被称为Out of Band Management feature。上海研发团队主导了这部分功能的所有设计,开发工作。
SCCM Out of Band Management结合了AMT在硬件层面的强大功能,并依托了SCCM平台中强有力的企业机器管理模式,为企业提供了灵活、便捷、强大的远程唤醒、远程技术支持、资产管理、、灾难恢复等功能。

Overview of Out of Band Management
Topic last updated—May 2008
Out of band management in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 provides powerful management control for computers that have the Intel vPro chip set and Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) firmware versions 3.2.1 or later.

Out of band management allows an administrator to connect to a computer's management controller when the computer is turned off, in sleep or hibernate modes, or otherwise unresponsive through the operating system. By way of contrast, in-band management is the classic approach used by Configuration Manager and its predecessors whereby an agent runs in the full operating system on the managed computer and the management controller accomplishes tasks by communicating with the management agent.
Out of band management supplements in-band management. While in-band management supports a wider range of operations because its environment is the full operating system, in-band management might not be functional if the operating system is not present or is not operational. In these situations, the supplementary capabilities of out of band management allow administrators to manage these computers without requiring local access to the computer.

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