The locale IDs for CJK language IMEs


The locale IDs for CJK language IMEs are quite complicated and the M$ list is far from complete.
The IMEs (Input Method Editors) are methods using a sequence of keys on the keyboard to type to input a character. They do not necessarily represent different written languages. Thus Phonetic and ChangJie are two different IMEs to input the same Chinese Traditional text.

To classify ChT/ChS under Taiwan, HK, PRC etc is also far from satisfactory. Broadly speaking, PRC uses ChS (0804). HK commonly follows what is available under Taiwan (ChT, 0404) rather than what is available under HK.

This is what I have discovered: it tells you what code stands for which IME.
ChT = Chinese (Traditional)
ChS = Chinese (Simplified)

0411:00000411 Japanese
0411:E0010411 Japanese Input System MS-IME 2002
0412:E0010412 Korean IME 2000
0412:00000412 Korean
0404:00000404 ChT US Keyboard
0804:00000804 ChS US Keyboard
0404:E0010404 ChT Phonetic
0804:E0010804 ChS QuanPin
0404:E0020404 ChT ChangJie
0804:E0020804 ChS ShuangPin
0404:E0030404 ChT Quick
0804:E0030804 ChS ZhengMa
0404:E0040404 ChT Big5
0404:E0050404 ChT Array
0804:E0050804 ChS NeiMa
0404:E0060404 ChT DaYi
0404:E0070404 ChT Unicode
0404:e0080404 ChT Microsoft New Phonetic
0404:e0090404 ChT Microsoft New ChangJie
0804:E00E0804 ChS Microsoft PinYin
0404:E01F0404 ChT Alphanumeric

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