iPhone jailbreak steps

1.1.backup iphone:

Right-click (or Control-click) the iPhone or iPod touch in iTunes under Devices and choose Back Up.

1.2.download iphone 3.1.2 firmware

1.3. download blackra1n

2.start the break:
from your computer, double click the saved blackra1n
then clicke on "make it rain"
it will show “entering recovery mode...”
then you will see " your jailbreak is done once the device reboots. ....", click "ok" and reboot iphone.

I got below problem at this step:
frome itune you see below error message:
itune has detected an iphone in recovery mode, you must restore this iphone before it can be used with itunes

click on restore from itune, after a while iphone reboots.
(turn off blackrain window before doing so)
I got a white blank screen on iphone and itune says " preparing iphone for restore...."
then itune said: the iphone "iphone" could not be restored. an unkonw error occurred (13)
I figured out this was because a network issue in my home network, after fixed the network and tried it again, the restore worked fine.
BTW, the restore did ask for firmware package location and it extracted it by itself.

then itune shows " restoreing iphone firmware......."
After a while and a auto reboot, everything is ok.
Now I can get into iphone as usual, but I found everything is factory setting and all data lost.
I need to resotre from my data backup.Went to itune, click restore backup and choose the right

backup name, few minutes later everything done.

3. install cydia
Once blackra1n is installed properly that means jailbreak done.
click "balckra1n" from iphone, and then choose to install cydia. make sure you have network connected with your computer.

Note, my iphone was unlocked by the vendor before jailbreak.

(both are very detailed and very good, but in Chinese only)


English ones:

Install tomtom map instruction:

Step 1 : Have an iPhone. Make sure you have OS 3.0
Step 2: Jailbreak iPhone - Follow exact instructions here:
Step 3: Enter Cydia on the iPhone, go to manage, go to sources, click edit (top right), click add (top left) and type : http://cydia.hackulo.us/ (see screenshot) . Ignore Cydia’s silly warnings
Step 4: click search (bottom right), type in ‘installous’. The only result you should get is ‘Installous’(see screenshot). Click this and press ‘install’ (top right)
Step 5: click search again, type in ‘appsync’. The only result you should get is ‘AppSync’(see screenshot). Click this and press install
Step 6: Exit Cydia, and click the new installous icon. Click settings (bottom right). Change ‘Install Method’ to dirty. Toggle ‘iTunes Sync’ to On
Step 7: Download the tomtom app here:
Step 8: Drag the app you just downloaded into iTunes
Step 9: Plug your iphone into your computer, it should now sync the app. this can take up to 40 minutes
Step 10: Unplug iPhone and run the tomtom app!

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