Don't configure WDS when using SCCM

Justin install WDS but don't configure it when using SCCM. And below is the reason why:


I am new to SCCM. I already have a working WDS environment. I would like to be able to use the PXE/DHCP services from my existing WDS setup for SCCM. I have read several posts on this forum that says when installing WDS to configure a PXE point in SCCM that WDS/PXE should not be configured just installed. Is there a way to have both coexisting on the same network?


Hi Bill,
The reason you shouldn't pre-configure WDS is because SCCM takes over the management of WDS and I've found that any changes you make to WDS cause SCCM's PXE Role to fail.

If you want to continue using your existing WDS environment, I believe you will need to set up a second WDS server to use as a PXE Service Point, you can then set a delay on that PXE Service Point so that it's not the first to respond.

I'm not sure how this would work though.
By kwacky1

Of course, if the settings you want for WDS are the same you'd have with SCCM, they will work fine and you don't need to install separate WDS environments.

In my experience, having two PXE servers in the same subnet, serving the same computers with different images is a nightmare. Any kind of network hiccup causes the secondary PXE to be the primary and all of a sudden you've got weird things happening. The only way to combat this would be to assign only certain machines to each PXE server, but then that's a management headache...

My suggestion is to simply find the settings that you can live with for SCCM and WDS and merge the two. Of course, once you have SCCM run WDS, don't expect to have WDS handing out images and things not associated with SCCM.

By Robert Hearn [MSFT]

Have you had a look at the following document? It outlines some of the setup configurations supported by Configuration Manager 2007.
by Dan Bernhardt [MSFT]

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