Error: This computer is not registered with the configuration manager

When deploy Winxp from bootable CD, after the DHCP setting window, got an error:
This computer is not registered with the configuration manager site.
Detailed error from smsts.log:
Client does not have an ID. Please ensure you have created a record for this client in the SMS database.
Invalid advise flags (Error: 80040001; Source: Windows)

Answer 1:
From: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3827655&SiteID=17
When starting from boot media or PXE (as this task sequence appears to be doing) there is no way for ConfigMgr to query AD or the SLP for a site. So, PXE and boot media can only communicate to the site they were created on. In practice, this means you should create boot media on the site you plan to use it.

Answer 2:
To deploy an operating system to a new computer without stand-alone media that is not currently managed by Configuration Manager 2007, the new computer must be added to the Configuration Manager 2007 database prior to initiating the operating system deployment process. Although Configuration Manager 2007 can automatically discover computers on your network that have a Windows operating system installed, if the computer has no operating system installed you will need to import the new computer information by using the Import Computer Information Wizard. This wizard supports importing information about a single computer, or importing information about one or more computers from an external .csv file.
When you boot a computer using ConfigMgr boot media, a wizard will start. The first screen don't require that the computer be present in the ConfigMgr database, but in order to complete the wizard it must be. So how can we hook into this wizard to do something about this? That's where the pre-execution hook, described at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb694075.aspx, comes in.

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