Error " The hash value is not correct" when creating stand-alone TS media

I ran thru the create media from task sequence media wizard once with cd/dvd and once with usb. Both give me errors:
-Error Creating Media. Error message is : The hash value is not correct.

This error indicates that the files on the DP for one of the packages referenced by your task sequence does not match the hash we calculated when the package was imported. The CreateMedia log (in the AdminUILog directory) should indicate what package does not match. My guess is that it is your boot image (since we have seen some issues with this getting out of sync). Using the Manage Distribution Points Wizard try refreshing the boot image package on all distribution points and see if this fixes the problem.

And make sure you do "Refresh DPs" and not "Update DPs". You get to "Refresh DPs" from the "Manage DPs" wizard. "Update DPs" checks the versions number in the database to decide if new content needs to be copied to the DP. If the database thinks everything is OK, it will do nothing. "Refresh DPs" assumes something might be messed up on the DP and always copies the latest version out to the DP.

Do a refresh of the distribution point followed by and immediate update fo the DP. Sounds crazy but it has worked everytime for us.


Bradd said...

Thank you!

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This worked great, thanks!

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Thanks. Worked for me.

gento said...

Thanks. Worked for me.

gento said...

Thanks. Worked for me.

DrMike said...

Worked for me too. Was going round in circles with it moaning about G0---EF.

thanks :).